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Booking of Apartments in Urban Woods, Jaipur

Jaipur 21 Flats Vatika Urban Woods

Name of property: Vatika Infotech City, Location: Located on the Jaipur - Ajmer Expressway, Builder: Vatika Group

Vatika Group has recently launched Original booking for plots in Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur.

The Project is spread over 800 acres, Vatika City - Jaipur is a self-contained township offering a mix of plots, built-up Bungalows, row and group housing, Condominium, IT Park, Shopping and Recreational Centre and Five-Star Hotel.

Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur is master planned by Studio u+a, New York. The principals of Studio u+a has been involved in major urban design and architecture projects in North America, Europe and India over the past 20 years. Particularly focused on urban architecture, the Studio u+a team has creted memorable places, since its inception in 1995. The practice has developed several notable projects including Churchill Place at Canary Wharf, The Manor Hotel in New Delhi and First India Place in Gurgaon.

The tonship project shall have a Destination Mall to be built over 70,000 sq. ft. apart from the other shopping and retail amenities.

The minimum width of the streets is 50 ft. between all plots. Clearly demarcated stretches between pedestrian walkways and the driving carriage ways.

There are 22 parks spread across various parts of the township.

A 75 acres Central Green that stretches through the middle of the township. All houses are within 5 minutes of walking distance from the Central Greens.

State of the art residential infrastructure comprises 10,800 dwelling units housing a population of 43,200 people. The main boulevard of the township is 130 ft. wide. The truly world-class setting of Vatika Infotech City's residential townhship spans nearly 400 acres.

I.T. Park spread over 50 acres ofering state of the art office facilities to over 65,000 professionals and support staff.

A snapshots of the upcomming cityscape
Vatika Infotech City wil have residential plotted developments, row housing, an I.T. Park, office buildings, a shopping mall and recreation complexes, three and five star hotels, local shopping complexes and a host of other facilities. A distinguishing feature will be that nearly 60% of the entire site area is reserved for open aera, roads, parks and community facilities.

Emphasis on Street Architecture
Great emphasis has been laid on street architecture, in recognition of the fact that the quality, width and architecture of streets play an very significant role.

Hierarchy of Streets
The main boulevard which is the entrance to the township is 130 ft. wide. Streets to the various areas/zones are 60 ft. wide, with a minimum width of 50 ft. for residential cluster. Road will have pedestrian walkways and parallel parking.

Large Green Lung in the form of Central Park
A beautifully landscaped and refreshing central park, minutes away from every corner of the residential township will be the green lung of Vatika Infotech City.

In-house Power Generation
Reliable and cheap power will be provided through Gas Turbine based Power Plants. Making the Vatika Infotech City self-sufficient in power even though Jaipur is an excess power genrating area.

Water Harvesting Systems
For the optimal usage and conservation of water, the drainage system has been designed in a manner that is conducive to water harvesting.

Eco Friendly Re-cycling of Waste
Apart from the re-cycling of waste water and rainwater harvesting, natural manure will be created through composting of leaves and garbage.

Plots are available in sizes of 180, 240, 300, 360, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 sq yds.

Plot SizeGeneralPLC Total 

Preferential Locations Available : Park Facing / Commercial Facing / Corner / East Facing
One PLC (Park Facing/ Commercial Facing/ Corner)Rs. 700 per sq. yd.
One PLC (East Facing)Rs. 425 per sq. yd.
Two PLC (Including East Facing)Rs. 800 per sq. yd.
Two PLC ( excluding East Facing)Rs. 850 per sq. yd.
Three PLC (including East Facing)Rs. 950 per sq. yd.

Revised rates (w.e.f 15/05/2007)
Payment Stage Installment Plan Down Payment Plan Deferred Payment Plan
Basic Sale Price Rs. 7750 per sq. yd. Rs. 6950 per sq. yd. Rs. 8215 per sq. yd.
At the time of booking 5% of Basic Sale Price + PLC 5% of Basic Sale Price + PLC 5% of Basic Sale Price + PLC
On Execution Of Agreement
(within 30 days from the date of booking)
10% of Basic Sale Price + PLC 10% of Basic Sale Price + PLC 35% of Basic Sale Price + PLC
Within 3 months from the date of booking/ commencemnt of development work (whichever is later) 10% of Basic Sale Price + PLC 80% of Basic Sale Price + PLC -
07 Quarterly Payments 70% of Basic Sale Price +PLC (10% X 7) - -
On Final Notice of Possession 05% + Other applicable charges 05% + Other applicable charges 60% + Other applicable charges

Special premium of Rs. 200 for the plot size of 180 sq. yds.
Special premium of Rs. 200 for the plot size of 240 sq. yds.

This is an excellent investment opportunity. To book your Plot in Vatika Infotech City, Jaipur-Ajmer Road, please fill in the form below.

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