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Firm: Vcsmarketing
Name: M.Sreeram
Address: #266 (old 206), Kittur Ranichennamma Road, Lakshmipura (Gavipuram)
Tel: 080 - 65303057

VCSM is a unique venture of two business families
of Bangalore.
V - Representing Vishwanath,
C - Representing the well known Chandra
Group of Companies.

This concern was established in the year 2004 with a view to popularize and market Modular Kitchens widely in and around Bangalore City. V. C. Source Marketing (VCSM) represents the Indian company, M/ s. NUPLUS, a well know name in the field of Modular Kitchens in India. NUPLUS has developed the concept of using materials that are Water Proof and Fire retardant keeping in view the Indian households and the Indian style of kitchen, considering all drawbacks and limitations of now popular Italian and other modular kitchens. Since the concept developed and designed by NUPLUS was very useful and appealing, VCSM took up the distributorship of NUPLUS for the state of Karnataka, beginning with the city of Bangalore.

With the progress of business, VCSM added one more item to its list of marketing, the chimneys. After carefully evaluating pros, advantages and disadvantages of various chimney designs available in the market, VCSM chose the KUTCHINA brand Chimneys. This is a product based on the German Technology (totally devoid of filter and with auto cleaning facility) ideally suited to the Indian households.

Very recently, VCSM has added one more to its list of marketable items, the AGT Furniture Components. Presently VCSM is using the AGT products mainly for the Modular kitchen set ups and wardrobes. Looking at the advantages and the wide range of application potential of AGT products have for the Indian context, VCSM has decided to go further in designing and popularizing the AGT products, apart from exploring other possibilities of newer designs and products.

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